Music for film but not only! 2.0 The studio is also comfortable in the performance of the composition and production of custom songs. Pop, Rock, Variety, Jazz, Electro... Everything is done to serve the artist and his world. Read more...

Here is more information about the mixing desk of the studio and all the reasons that motivated this choice: The AVID ICON integrated console environment redefines the state of the art in recording and mixing technology for music and post production. Featuring the D-ControlTM... Read more...

La console ICON D-Control du studio
Le studio peut aussi être mobile

For the recording of a symphony orchestra, a choir, a concert or just an album. The preamps, converters, ProTools cards and the magma chassis are already in flight cases. The studio is fully modular and mobile to record in unusual places! Read more...

The Blog, to follow news @ 2.0

Here is the evolution in photos and videos of the construction of studio 2.0, from the first shoots to the first recordings!

The acoustic study, the realization and finally the installation of the gear. Read more...

Les étapes de la construction du studio 2.0

Enjoy high-end studio gear to master your album.

In studio or remote (e-mastering) via our secure servers, you have time to step back to validate the overall "color" of the album, the dynamics and all the work done.


Need a voice over, a studio session to record all the drums of an album, a 5.1 mix or a mastering?

Without having to move around, validate the projects made in the studio via our secure servers or drive your session live and in real time via a video link and the possibility of a real-time return of the ProTools session directly on your computer via source connect.... Read more...

Composition & réalisation de chansons sur mesure.
eStudio : 2.0

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